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Are you at risk for Diabetes?

No one wants to be diagnosed with diabetes, so what can you do to lower your chances?

#1– Be Active!

Rain or shine there is always a way to add some extra “steps” to your day! Fall is here and that means that leaves are changing colors, acorns are falling to the ground and apples need to be picked! Take your kids on a Fall scavenger hunt and find some nice pumpkins to carve. Even a romantic stroll through the park counts. Being active doesn’t have to be work, so don’t make it feel like work, make it FUN!

#2– Eat Healthy!

Its apple season and like they say “an apple day keeps the doctor away!”, so eat some apples but dip them in low calorie or low fat caramel or better yet eat them all natural! As far as engorging yourself on Thanksgiving don’t let me stop you, but just try to be conscious of your intake. Not all good tasting food has to be unhealthy for you. Celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins can taste just as good and plus your kids will love both making them and eating them!

#3– Watch your Cholesterol intake

A simple thing to do to make sure that your cholesterol is in order is to have it checked at least every 5 years by your doctor. Other things you can do is; quit smoking if you smoke, eat plenty of fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruit, stay away from oils, and exercise.