Patient Testimonials


“Dr. Masuma is a total blessing to our family!”


“You guys are Awesome! So happy for you all!”


“Everyone is fabulous! Dr. Macfield is so caring and encouraging towards us as a family and our new baby!”


“The receptionist is very kind and helpful. Dr. Masuma was great! She listened very well and answered all my many questions. I’m so grateful to have found a helpful Dr. who also believes in natural practices and is willing to discuss alternative approaches and is non-judgmental. I will be recommending this office to all my friends!”


“My visit was fabulous and Dr. Peter was very thorough, he checked my health from head to toe!”  


“Dr. Masuma is wonderful and really listens to concerns and answers questions.”


“Can’t improve on perfection and the staff was great!”


“Dr. Macfield exceeded expectations!”


“Dr. Macfield has been a true blessing to our family. We have never had this wonderful of a doctor for our girls. We sincerely mean that – Dr. Macfield is the absolute best healthcare provider we have ever had and we trust her very much. We love having her involved in our daughter’s lives.”


“Congratulations on your new location! We are so happy to have you closer to us! Seeing you is one of our favorite things to do.”


“Dr. Macfield just amazed me with the amount of time she took with my child. She addressed the whole child not just the one symptom we came to the Dr. for.”


“We absolutely love you and are very sad that you are leaving Holland, but glad that you will be working closer to home. You are a truly amazing doctor in the care you show your patients. We have always felt extremely comfortable with you — you inspire trust and confidence. We wish you all the best going forward and will miss you very much! Thank you for all you have done for our family.”