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Online Consultations

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Does it feel like your life gets ever busier, day by day? When you feel like your schedule is overloaded, the last thing you want to do is go to the doctor — even if you have an unexplained symptom or a pressing health question. That’s why Peter Macfield, MD, offers online consultations to his patients at Breton Village Pediatrics & Family Medicine. You can schedule your convenient online consultation by calling his office or booking it online.

Online Consultations

What are online consultations?

Sometimes, you just want to be able to ask your doctor a question. You may be experiencing a symptom and want to know its cause. Or you might be wondering if one of the latest health trends is right for you. But in today’s busy, modern world, making time to go to the doctor’s office can feel all but impossible. 

Dr. Macfield never wants the stress of daily life to prevent his patients from having access to him. If you’re feeling too busy to make it into his office, he offers online consultations. When you schedule one of these appointments, you give yourself digital access to Dr. Macfield. 

While he won’t be able to perform any physical exams, these online consultations allow you to ask any questions, describe your symptoms, and even show Dr. Macfield any areas on your body that he needs to see to diagnose your condition. 


Can I get treatment with an online consultation? 

It depends. If Dr. Macfield is able to clearly see that you have symptoms of a specific condition and can confidently diagnose you during your online consultation, he’ll do so. Then, he can call in prescriptions to your pharmacy and recommend a treatment plan. 

If diagnosing your condition isn’t possible online, Dr. Macfield still does everything he can to help you get relief from any symptoms. In lieu of a physical exam, he can walk you through a self-exam during your consultation. 

While you still may need to come into his office for an official diagnosis, Dr. Macfield makes recommendations for you based on your self-exam. This way, you can start taking steps to alleviate your symptoms and restore your quality of life. 


Can online consultations replace in-person medical care?

No. Dr. Macfield offers this type of care to increase convenience for his patients, but it’s designed to supplement — not replace — in-office care. Some diagnostic procedures simply can’t be performed digitally. Even if online consultations are your preferred way to get medical care, it’s important that you still come to Breton Village Pediatrics & Family Medicine for your annual well exams. 

That said, online consultations are a convenient way to get the care you need. To schedule yours, call Breton Village Pediatrics & Family Medicine or book your appointment online, or  click the link below