Best Grand Rapids Pediatrician

Breton Village Pediatrics & Family Medicine offers the best pediatricians in Grand Rapids, MI. Caring, friendly & compassionate our Doctors put your childs need and concerns first, thereby providing a stress free and calm doctors visit for your child. For an appointment dial (616) 202-3045. Visit us at 460 Burton St SE #300 Grand Rapids MI 49546.

Best Grand Rapids Pediatrician

Are you looking for a pediatrician and family doctor in the Grand Rapids, MI area? If so, you are in luck. At Breton Village Pediatrics & Family Medicine, we offer a caring, friendly, and compassionate environment with the best pediatricians in the Grand rapids area. Our well informed, board certified doctors put your child’s needs and concerns first, allowing you and your child to receive a stress free and calm doctors visit. Taking your child to the doctors can be a tedious adventure; whether it is for annual shots, physicals, or other non-illness related situations. Taking your child to the doctor because they are sick, adds an extra level of stress to you and your family. Why not bring your child to a medical practice that understands the difficulties you face and wanting the best medical attention for your child?

At Breton Village Pediatrics & Family Medicine, we offer a wide variety of services in pediatrics. Besides our general pediatric care, we also offer services such as vaccines, natural and alternative pediatric care options, sports and travel physicals as well as adoption physicals, care for eczema and psoriasis, we also work with midwives, newborns, and premature infants.

One of our most popular services we offer are physicals. As mentioned previously, we offer several different types of physicals at our facility. Sports and travel physicals are our most common examination. When your child needs a physical for a sport related activity, we can provide you with all the necessary procedures to make sure your child is physically prepared and safe to participate in the expectations and physical demands of the activity they wish to play in. Most sports clubs and schools will provide the necessary paperwork needed to be filled out by a physician. If the organization does not provide this paperwork, we also have standard physical documents we can use to send your child back to the organization with. They will then hand in the appropriate documentation for them to be eligible to participate. For travel physicals, which may be needed for passport purposes, or if you and your child are traveling to another country that may require necessary physical paperwork to make sure you and your child are up to date with all necessary vaccines and immunizations.

Our mission at Breton Village Pediatrics & Family Medicine is clear. We promote treating the whole person. We believe in lifelong wellness through prevention and healing. We also believe it is important to give back to the community and provide alternative therapies for diverse family values. If this seems like an approach to wellness you would like to take, please, reach out to us with any questions and we will be more than happy to help you and give you any information you may need to start your journey to feeling better for you and your entire family.

Breton Village Pediatrics & Family Medicine is located at 460 Burton St SE #300 Grand Rapids MI 49546. You can reach us at (616) 202-3045. Our hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8:30 am to 5 pm, Fridays 8:30 am to 4 pm. We are closed Saturdays and Sundays. Give us a call or stop by. We are looking forward to making you feel better today!